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Small is beautiful

Discover the difference personal service makes


Hello, my name is Jane Lancashire and I'm a qualified Chartered Accountant.


I've been in practice for around fifteen years, and before I set up my own company in 2010

I worked within a number of quite large accountancy organisations. I came to realise though that more and more business people, and individuals too for that matter, would prefer to deal on a more personal one-to-one basis with their accountant.


That's why I established Lancashire Accountants Ltd to provide that friendly, personal and professional service that can sometimes be difficult to find when you're just another ‘name and number on the spread sheet'.


I offer a full range of accounting services for both large and small commercial organisations; including sole traders and start-ups who need someone to guide them through the increasing confusion of tax and accountancy regulations.


I also work for individual clients who prefer to have someone they trust keep a professional eye on their tax and other financial matters.


If my personal, professional approach sounds like something you'd be interested in discussing, please don't hesitate to contact me.




PS. You'll find my fees are beautiful too!